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Sponsor Agent

Your advantages

  • The numbers of inquiries for a sponsoring of all kinds of activities are countless. To select the right projects that meet your requirements and give you the desired feedback needs a lot of time and money. To facilitate the selection for you, you will get suggestions from our database which matches exactly your requirements.
  • With Sponsor-Agent you get tailor-made suggestions of sponsor-worthy projects, which meets your wishes and standards.
  • Here you will find thousands of projects from nearly all kinds of activity.
  • For sponsors our service is absolutely free of charge and with no obligations and no hidden costs.
  • Use of top level communications technology ensures best possible success.
  • Another advantage of Sponsor-Agent is the keeping of your anonymity. With discretion you receive all information about a sponsoring project and then decide yourself, whether and when you present your identity to the favoured partners. This avoids you being overloaded with questions

Sponsor Agent

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