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This is how you will find a sponsor for your projects. A database with thousands of sponsors. Get a sponsor for sport, art, culture, events, seminars, sciences, social projects. Sponsor -Agent gives you the best chances to finance your projects with sponsor money.

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Looking for a sponsor? Here you will find a sponsor for your projects. Sponsor -Agent is the biggest database for sponsoring in the internet with thousands of contacts to potential sponsors.

Learn how to address the right sponsor whose requirements are matching exactly with your demands. Find a sponsor for a single event or for a long-term partnership, for a local event or an international enterprise.

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Sponsor Agent

If you are seriously looking for a sponsor this is the service you need. Here you can professionally present your enterprise to thousands of sponsors worldwide. Thereby we will not just send your application to all the sponsors in our database but we will select exactly those sponsors who are matching to your project. That means there is no spreading loss. The sponsors who get the details of your activities will for sure be interested.
Looking for a sponsor is very costly in time and money. With our database you save both time and money. Enter your data now to our database for only 39.00 $. This is a very small amount compared to the costs you will spend by looking for a sponsor by your own. Start your sponsor search today and save time and money.
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