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Sponsoring is an important part of our economic life. Many things could not be thought of without sponsoring. Sportsmen could not perform their sports. Many inventions and developments would get stuck in the planning phase, art and culture, expeditions and events for example: concerts or seminars would not take place. At last many public organisations could not exist without sponsoring funds.
Billions of sponsoring money is applied to the most different projects each year, cut yourself a piece of this huge cake and use it to finance your goals.
But have you searched for a sponsor yourself already,then you will know, how difficult, sometimes even hopeless it is to find suitable financiers or advertisement partners. With Sponsoring -Agent it will be different. Now you finally have the right instrument at hand to be successful in the sponsor market.

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Are you looking for a sponsoring? With Sponsor-Agent you will find sponsoring for nearly all kinds of activity. Sponsoring for sports, art, culture, events, clubs, science, inventions, charity, and many more?

Our database comprises thousands of sponsors reaching from small companies for local sponsoring to multinational groups for worldwide events, championships or campaigns.

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Sponsoring Agent

Are you looking for a sponsoring for your sports, event, club or other activities? Did you search for a sponsor for a long time without any success? Did you spend a lot of time and money in your sponsor search? If so you know how hard it can be to find a sponsor.
But now you found the easiest way to address exactly those sponsors that are looking exactly for your project. With an entry to our database your application will be compared with the profile of many thousand sponsors. Only those sponsors who match to your project will get your data as an offer for a sponsoring. This will multiple your chances for attracting a sponsor and saves you time, money and nerves.
Get started now and finance your project.
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