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To find a sponsorship is mostly very long-winded and costs a lot of time and money. Sponsor-Agent makes it easy to get a sponsorship. Just enter the details of your project to our database and compare them with the demands of thousands of sponsors. Do not hesitate and start your search for a sponsorship today.

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You are looking for sponsorship for your sport, art, cultural or charity event? You want to finance your invention or other projects? With Sponsor-Agent you have the opportunity to find a sponsorship.

Our database comprises thousands of potential sponsors. Address exactly those sponsors who match to your project.

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Start your search today.

Address several thousand companies worldwide with your entry. Sponsor-Agent is the biggest sponsorship database worldwide in the web. With Sponsor-Agent you increase your chances to find the right sponsor by many. Profit from our 15 years of experience in the presentation of sponsor requests.
Do not let this chance pass you. Fill in the entry form now and start your search for a sponsor today.
With an entry into our database you receive the best contacts from thousands of possible sponsors, both within the regional area, and for international projects. Each sponsor has his own ideas, how he wants to sponsor. Economic thinking plays a role, as well as personal interests of the responsible people making the decision. All important data for the companies in question is registered in our data bank.
Your data will be checked with our sponsor`s data on a regular basis. Therefore a sponsor profile is created from your data and an offer profile is created. From the sponsors a profile is created as well. These profiles are constantly cross-checked by computer, meaning for each potential sponsor a matching offer is searched for and for each offerer a matching sponsor. With this it is guaranteed, that the right partners find each other making the basis for a permanent partnership possible.
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